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  • Minimize risk and guard against costly employment law claims
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Our team of finance, accounting, regulatory and research authorities and our editors read thousands of pages from leading authors, thought leaders, news outlets, research firms, and legal & regulatory documents, thoroughly vet these hundreds of sources and talk to leading finance practitioners in the field ...

... and from that abyss of information, we hand-select the most relevant, useful and impactful content, distill confusing (and at times conflicting) laws and regulations into straightforward guidance, and deliver you proven advice and tools that will lead to success no matter what challenge you’re facing - whether you are a finance department of one, or the CFO of a fortune 500 organization.


... and get instant access to a growing library of 450+ EXCLUSIVE member resources that give you practical, actionable advice to help you meet your toughest finance challenges head-on.

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Detailed, step-by-step frameworks, advice and recommendations for navigating everyday finance challenges and difficult situations

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Essential Insights

A library of 14+ concise, 20- to 30-page executive summaries that deliver quick tips, distilled research and curated knowledge on a specific topic.

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Practical Tools

A library of 48+ desk references such as checklists, best practices, worksheets, quizzes and more to help implement new ideas – and also make great pass-along training for your team.

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A library of 50+ questions by real-life finance pros with answers by our panel of expert financial auditors, tax experts, IRS insiders and tech consultants.



A library of 100+ short to medium-length case studies of success stories from your finance peers - with solutions that you can apply to your own company.

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A library of 200+ immediately applicable Excel Tips that will boost productivity and help you get the most out of this ubiquitous tool.

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A library of 50+ court judgments that present the key facts in story form and allow you to guess the outcome before seeing how the court ruled, with analysis from our expert team and what it means to you in practice.

Blueprint Covers

Resourceful Finance Pro Blueprints

Go from Problem through to Solution to Success. Whether It's Fending Off Fraud, Navigating the Dense Thicket of State Online Sales Tax or Getting Your Message Across So That It Gets Results - These Special Reports Deliver

Each of our Blueprints focuses on a key challenge in your role as a finance executive. They're intended to quickly get you up to speed on a given problem and systematically lay out an action-oriented plan for success.

Why are our Blueprints so popular? Because they work.

Internal Fraud
Exernal Fraud
Online Sales Tax
120 Proven Communication Tips For Today's CFOs

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Essential Insights Covers

Essential Insights

Save Time and Money, End Headaches And Ensure Compliance. These Short Guides Give You What You Need to Know Across a Variety of Topics – and Make Great Training Resources for Making Your Team Better

Our Essential Insights are 20-30 page guides that address some of today's most critical finance and accounting challenges, written in a manner to ensure maximum takeaways in a minimal amount of time.

Use these to stay current and clear on the latest financial regulations, adopt best practices across various functions that will save time and money, and get a host of new ideas and approaches you can put to use in your organization to boost your bottom line.

Many of these are ideal for passing along to your team to help them stay sharp or get them up-to-speed on a new area if their responsibilities have changed.

Accounts Payable
Unclaimed Property: Minimize Risk and Ensure Compliance
19 pages

More than two-thirds of companies are not in full compliance with states' unclaimed property laws. This no-nonsense guide helps you tighten up your unclaimed property procedures in order to better comply with state laws, reduce mistakes and avoid a costly audit. Find out how to:

  • Ensure compliance in all applicable states
  • Conduct bullet-proof due diligence
  • Tackle the most problematic areas of reporting head-on
  • And more
Accounts Payable
T&E Best Practices: Complete Guide to Ensure Compliance
23 pages

This guide helps you ensure an airtight expense reporting process. You get actionable ideas you can put into practice today to control costs, reduce errors, combat abuse, speed turnaround times and stay compliant. In it you'll learn:

  • 5 keys questions Accounting must ask to ensure IRS compliance
  • Proven strategies that prevent employees from milking the system
  • How to make your recordkeeping rock-solid
  • And more
Complete Guide to the Form I-9: Everything You Need to Know to Ensure Compliance
38 pages

There's never been more focus on ensuring that employees who are hired are either American citizens or legal immigrants. Have your team master the Form I-9 in just 40 minutes with this comprehensive guide that details exactly what your obligations are and how to stay in compliance, including:

  • Document review standards - can your team spot a fake?
  • Application of I-9 rules to independent contractors
  • Correcting I-9s: What can be fixed without penalties?
  • And more
Credit & Collections
20 Must-Have Tactics That'll Boost Your Collections
21 pages

The longer an account goes past-due, the less a chance you'll ever collect your cash. This report gives you 20 creative, innovative ways to super-charge your collections process so you get paid faster, BEFORE your cash flow feels the pinch. In it you'll learn:

  • 5 common excuses customers give - and how to counter them
  • What to do when your most important customers are seriously late
  • The keys to coming away from every interaction with a payment commitment
  • And more
Keep Them Honest: How Top Companies Prevent, Spot and Stop Internal Fraud
23 pages

Get practical advice and actionable strategies for fending off employee fraud and detecting it quickly before it costs you a mint. This quick-read guide covers the most common types of fraud and gives you proven ideas to minimize your risk and prevent losses, including:

  • 3 factors that leave you exposed to fraud - and how to wipe them out
  • Red flags for each type of threat
  • 5 successful tactics to tighten internal controls
  • And more
Garnishments: 15 Pitfalls to Avoid
25 pages

Everyone would like to make handling garnishments much easier - especially your Payroll team. This 24-page fast-read guide shows how to avoid the 15 most prevalent, time-consuming and costly garnishment pitfalls that even the most seasoned Payroll professionals can fall prey to. Learn:

  • What's "too much" when identifying withholding limits?
  • How to navigate conflicting laws and minimize mistakes
  • Where mistakes are made most often - and how to avoid them
  • And more
Fringe Benefits: What's Taxable, What's Not
42 pages

This authoritative, but concise guide takes the complicated tax implications of fringe benefits and turns them into easy-to-follow, plain-English guidelines. It helps you ensure you're taxing and excluding the right fringe benefits and complying with IRS requirements. Discover:

  • What's taxable, what's not
  • Key fringe benefit exclusions you need to know
  • How to handle job-related training and other working conditions benefits
  • And more
Staff Management
Motivating Without Money: 91 Inexpensive Ways to Keep Employees Happy
22 pages

Supercharge your team's morale and performance even if you don't have a ton of dollars to dedicate to it. This practical guide provides simple, inexpensive strategies to recognize and reward employees for a job well done - without breaking the bank. Find out:

  • What really drives employees to produce results
  • How to double the effects of your praise
  • Which team-building ideas work best inside the office
  • And More
Accounts Payable
Independent Contractors: Can You Pass an IRS or DOL Audit of Misclassified Workers?
31 pages

Get definitive guidance on independent contractors that leaves you buttoned-up in the event of an IRS or DOL audit. This easy-to-read guide gives you exactly what you need to know about the latest IRS and DOL independent contractor tests and how to properly classify your workforce, including:

  • IRS' three-prong test to determine employee classification: How it works
  • Telltale signs your company may have made a misclassification
  • Situations where people can be both an employee and IC
  • And more
Employment Law
The Right Answers to The 33 Toughest – and Most Costly – FMLA Questions
21 pages

This easy-to-read guide clears up gray areas surrounding the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) so you know exactly how to stay in compliance, while also equipping you with ways to spot costly FMLA abuse - and prevent it. Get clear, practical advice and answers to your company’s toughest FMLA questions on topics such as:

  • Health conditions that do, and don't, qualify for FMLA
  • Intermittent leave
  • Caregiver eligibility requirements for same sex partners
  • And more
Handling Nonexempt Employee Pay: Stay Compliant and Avoid DOL Audits
20 pages

Despite all your team's best intentions, it's easy to unknowingly slip up when dealing with complicated nonexempt employee pay. This quick-read guide helps your company avoid errors and make the right call when faced with tricky compensation questions. Read it and discover:

  • Best practices that alleviate the latest FLSA hassles
  • Expert guidance on nonexempt pay's clock-punching issues
  • Proven advice on handling the trickiest compensation questions
  • And more
Cost Control
The Biggest Cash Drains Lurking Outside of Finance
34 pages

Keep money from quietly leaking out of your organization's bank account. This practical guide shows you how to spot unnecessary cash drains in departments throughout your organization and gives you proven policies and procedures to tune, tighten and stop inefficiencies and smarten spending habits. You'll learn:

  • How to find the hidden drains that are costing you right now
  • Keys to eliminating excess spending in other departments
  • Ways to prevent leaks from starting again
  • And more
Payroll Best Practices: 4 Ways to Save Time and Money
29 pages

This quick-read guide delivers best practices today's leading companies are using to save time and money - from reducing time-consuming manual processes to detecting "ghost employees." In it, you'll discover:

  • How to cash in on employees' desire to "go green" to improve efficiency and cut costs
  • Ways to streamline current procedures that also cut down on costly errors
  • 10 audits every Payroll department should run regularly
  • And more
Accounts Payable
33 Accounts Payable Best Practices
20 pages

This straight-to-the-point guide tells you exactly what's working in Accounts Payable today - and how to apply it. It will help you save time and money, while keeping compliance high and avoiding costly errors. In it, discover:

  • 6 must-have tips for efficient and accurate 1099 reporting
  • 11 can't-miss ideas on streamlining the activities you perform the most
  • 4 keys to tighter controls and fraud prevention
  • And more
Accounts Payable
1099s: Best Practices to Ensure IRS Compliance
19 pages

Make Form 1009 filings less of a headache for you and your team with this straightforward, easy-to-follow guide. It gives you proven best practices for Form 1099 determinations and procedures that will help you minimize costly errors, stay compliant with IRS requirements and avoid penalties. Read it and discover:

  • How to determine who and what is "1099-able"
  • A 2-step process to get accurate and timely TINs
  • The best methods to find and fix errors BEFORE you cut a check or file a return
  • And more

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Practical Tools include 2-6 page summaries of best practices, handy checklists, quizzes, worksheets, short case studies, sample policies and more – all easily printable for quick reference or as handouts you can use to train your team.

Membership includes access to 48+ Practical Tools

Take a quick look inside …

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Ask the Auditor

Boost Your Compliance IQ: Learn from Our Experts' Answers to Tough Real-World Questions From Your Peers

Among our members' favorite resources, our Ask the Auditor consists of questions submitted to our staff by real-world finance execs and answered by a member of our panel of expert financial auditors.

Members like that they can immediately identify with the questions being asked – as they've wrestled with similar issues on their own – and love the clear and concise break-down our experts give.

And of course, getting the right answer at the right time can save them auditor or consultant fees.

They also like that these questions can be used to gauge their subject matter knowledge and point to areas they need to brush up on.

Learn How to Make the Right Call in Tricky Situations With Expert Answers to These Questions and Dozens More …

  • Does our variable pay structure meet FLSA requirements?
  • Can employer contributions to 401(k)s be immediately vested?
  • Can we surveil an employee on FMLA leave?
  • After natural disaster, are we still on the hook for overtime?
  • Can we give worker an advance on cafeteria plan funds?
  • Aside from dollar limits, what else should we include in our gift policies?
  • What are some OFAC compliance "must-haves?"
  • When do telecommuters apply to our FMLA eligibility count?
  • Do tax credits transfer in an acquisition, as well as liabilities?
  • Must we give an employee a loan through our 401(k) plan?
  • Social media policy: What should we include?
  • What are our 3rd-party compliance responsibilities?
  • What are some SALT implications of asset acquisitions?
  • Without income info, can we tell if coverage is 'affordable'?
  • Worker hasn't paid health insurance premiums: Can we cancel his coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?
  • Can we claim the R&D credit even though we aren't in a high-tech sector?

Case Studies

Find Proven Solutions You Can Implement – See How Your Peers Conquered the Same Challenges You're Facing

There's nothing better than getting a solid win. Whether it's cutting energy costs, boosting employee participation in 401K programs, speeding up collections – every financial pro can take a page from what worked for their peers and get some solid wins of their own.

That's what our Resourceful Finance Pro Case Studies are all about – success stories from other financial professionals that you can adapt to your own unique challenges.

When you become a member, you get a treasure trove of real-world, proven, actionable ideas that you can draw upon to overcome obstacles, implement new ideas and achieve more.

Find Out What's Working for Your Peers With Our Real-World Case Studies and Learn How To:

  • Maximize vendor portal usage
  • Add speed and controls to p-card distribution process
  • Use a private exchange to avoid a $850K renewal increase
  • Add a valuable perk that doesn't trip up tax compliance
  • Secure more discounts from more vendors
  • Tackle costly employment injuries
  • Help financially strapped folks with same-day ACH
  • Achieve HDHP success through clear, measurable goals
  • Successfully take procurement to the cloud
  • Put employees in Benefits Bootcamp to avoid a 38% cost hike
  • Stay on top of use tax compliance
  • Improve on Employee of the Month recognition programs
  • Get a $1.29 return for every $1 spent on wellness
  • Make a shift that improves invoice approval times
  • Use a "Scared Straight" approach to teach employees to beware of phishing
  • Use an invaluable ACA compliance tool

"They bring up a lot of issues that apply to us. I used a recent article to adjust our T&E policy. I can make the recommendations work for us."– Al Wadler, Comptroller, Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Excel Tips

Boost the Efficiency and Productivity of Your Team with Tips That Make Excel Even More Powerful

When it comes to unlocking everything Excel can do, even the most advanced users have only scratched the surface.

No matter how Excel-savvy you consider yourself, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how many of these 200+ Excel tips you can't wait to put to use the next time you're in a spreadsheet.

Share them with your team and don't be surprised if they have the following reaction: "You have no idea how I've always wanted to do that! Thanks!"

Get Excel Tips You'll Want to Start Using Immediately and Find Out How to …

  • Control what values can be entered in your cells
  • Simplify Excel data entry with drop-down lists
  • 'How can I stop Excel from deleting my leading zeros?'
  • 3 different ways to password protect data in Excel
  • 'Consolidate' in Excel for a big-picture look at expenses
  • Add a watermark to take your Excel printouts to the next level
  • Apply one cell's formatting to other cells instantly
  • Convert normal text into spreadsheet columns
  • Visualize data trends with the 'Quick Analysis' feature
  • Keep headers in view while scrolling around spreadsheets
  • What makes up that formula? These arrows will show you
  • Want to hide a few rows or columns? Here are 2 options
  • 4 formatting shortcuts to speed up your spreadsheet work
  • Color code your comments for a more organized spreadsheet
  • Choose specific data from your spreadsheet to print
  • Forget cut and paste! Use this trick to drag and drop cells

You Be The Judge Quizzes

Steer Your Company Clear of Costly Lawsuits by Sharpening Your Ability to Identify How Mistakes Get Made – And How to Avoid Them

If employees were only more aware of the legal consequences of their actions, think of how many lawsuits would never be filed or regulatory penalties never assessed.

Our You Be The Judge Quizzes present dramatized versions of real-world disputes that ended up before a judge and asks you to guess the verdict he or she handed down.

Reading these cases and predicting the outcome boosts your awareness of how the courts and agencies are interpreting current laws. They can also be used to avoid similar missteps by helping your team understand the legal consequences of their actions and the importance of getting things right.

Hone Your Ability to Spot Legal Landmines and Boost Your Team's Awareness of the Legal Consequences of Their Actions by Predicting the Outcome of Cases Like the Following …

  • Does customer have to pay for canceled orders?
  • How much of sales tax savings does consultant get?
  • Can firm go after company that took star salesperson?
  • His pay reduced to match hers: Is it discrimination?
  • Fell off loading dock: Can he get workers' comp and sue?
  • Can employee opt out of new time-tracking system?
  • Fired for not getting budget in line … or being a woman?
  • Was IT tech looking out for company … or snooping?
  • On cellphones after hours: Do they deserve OT pay?
  • Fired for porn on laptop – Does he deserve unemployment?
  • A/P software full of empty promises: But is it fraud?
  • Customer changed its terms – Was contract breached?
  • Notorious slow payer stops paying: Can firm break deal?
  • Order increased via online chat: Can they be held to it?
  • Staffer at Beyonce while on medical leave. Fireable?
  • Fired! Did single email prove discrimination was at work?

"It keeps my juices flowing and my brain sharp."– Robert Coons, Director of Finance, Randall-Paulson Architects

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  • Ask the Auditor

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  • Case Studies

    A library of 100+ short to medium-length case studies of success stories from your finance peers – with solutions that you can apply to your own company.

  • Excel Tips

    A library of 200+ immediately applicable Excel Tips that will boost productivity and help you get the most out of this ubiquitous tool.

  • You Be the Judge Quizzes

    A library of 50+ court judgments that present the key facts in story form and allow you to guess the outcome before seeing how the court ruled, with analysis from our expert team and what it means to you in practice.

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