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20 Must-Have Tactics That'll Boost Your Collections

Part of the Credit & Collections Series

You know all too well the longer an account goes past-due, the less a chance you'll ever collect your cash.

Luckily, there are ways you can loosen their grip.

This report gives you 20 creative, innovative ways to super-charge your collections process so you get paid faster, before collecting becomes an issue.

What's Inside?
20 Must-Have Tactics That'll Boost Your Collections

Bypass Customers' Excuses and Keep Payments Coming In

  • Loosen the grip of customers who hang on tightly to their cash
  • 5 common excuses customers give - and how to counter-attack them
  • Approaches to turn up the heat on stagnating accounts
  • 3 tactics to maximize call time and increase profitability
  • 7 instances when you need to seek out a third-party agency immediately

Super-Charge Your Collections Process

  • Battle plan to help collectors prepare before getting on the phone
  • 20 techniques to start customer interactions right – and get paid faster
  • When good customers get off track: Formalized repayment agreements that work
  • 3 pointers to help Sales maximize on-site visits
  • No. 1 priority when attempting to collect on delinquent accounts

Get Paid Faster

  • Increase the chances you'll get paid faster - before collecting becomes an issue
  • Trump card that gets customers to compromise and promptly send in payment
  • Get the biggest bang for your buck even after you've handed over accounts to an agency
  • 7 email best practices that get the most out of customers
  • Keys to come away from every interaction with a payment commitment

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