Internal Fraud

Preventing and Detecting Inside Jobs

No CFO wants to believe that employees are stealing from the company, but statistics don't lie. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, U.S. organizations lose 5% of their annual revenues to fraud.

And the range of threats is increasing as fraudsters get more creative in their scams. Companies need to be even more vigilant about enforcing policies and procedures, checks and balances.

With the proper systems in place, you can sleep easier knowing that attempts to defraud your company will be rooted out before they can cause losses.

  • Identify 8 types of internal scams that drain your company of cash
  • Pinpoint typical fraudster characteristics so you can identify potential cheaters
  • Create a trustworthy environment that helps prevent fraud from happening
  • Establish airtight internal controls that stop cheaters in their tracks

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Internal Fraud: Preventing and Detecting Inside Jobs...

Chapter 1

The View From 10,000 Feet


  • How to convince others outside of Finance that you even need fraud prevention strategies
  • Types of discrepancies to look out for - and what to do when you discover them
  • Ways high turnover and increased outsourcing can leave your company vulnerable
  • How vendor contracts or payment terms can be particularly susceptible to fraud
  • Why employees may be reluctant to come forward with information about fraud


  • 5 of the slickest T&E scams used by travelers and how to detect them
  • 11 strategies to enlist everyone's help in identifying expense fraud
  • How to spot P-card purchases that appear legitimate
  • What to do about timecard fraud, including "buddy punching"
  • How to identify ghost employees and 4 ways to catch them
  • 7 warning signs of an Accounts Receivable scam like "lapping"
  • Spot workers' comp fraud with these 13 red flags
  • 4 strong defenses to inventory theft

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


  • 14 strategies for creating a trustworthy environment that reduces your risk of fraud
  • 5 external resources that can help you enhance your fraud prevention efforts
  • 6 airtight internal controls to implement so you don't fall victim to fraud
  • 2 solid ways to get employee buy-in
  • Areas where some companies are dropping the ball – and how to turn things around
  • The #1 internal control every company should have
  • 7 strategies to create a safe whistleblower culture, plus 3 cautionary tales

Bonuses: Three Practical Tools:

  • Adjust Your Expectations: The Profile of a Typical Fraudster
  • Ghost Hunting: A Self-audit Checklist to Catch Payroll Fraud
  • The Red Flags of Fraudsters

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Practical Tools

  • Adjust Your Expectations: The Profile of a Typical Fraudster
  • Ghost Hunting: A Self-audit Checklist to Catch Payroll Fraud
  • The Red Flags of Fraudsters

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