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Keep Them Honest: How Top Companies Prevent, Spot and Stop Fraud

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Uttering the "f-word" – fraud – used to be considered foul language in most businesses.

Now, almost every organization has an unfortunate tale of employees taking liberties with company cash.

Or worse, they just haven't uncovered it yet.

Fraud is happening – with increasing regularity.

Fortunately there are proven ways to fight back. Companies that fend off fraud – or at least minimize their losses from it – know what to look for and employ the best strategies to catch it. How do they do it?

What's Inside?
Keep Them Honest: How Top Companies Prevent, Spot and Stop Fraud

Free and inexpensive ways to motivate your entire staff:

  • Get buy-in for fraud prevention efforts with these eye-opening fraud statistics
  • 12 strategies you can use today to protect your cash
  • 3 factors that leave you exposed to fraud and how to wipe them out to minimize your risk
  • The profile of a "typical" fraudster: Research-based traits of workplace thieves
  • Where 87% of companies drop the ball with their anti-fraud program
  • The #1 fraud-fighting control hands-down – does your company you employ it?

Proven Ways to Fight These Specific Types of Fraud

  • 5 ways to isolate and eliminate "ghost employees" and payroll fraud
  • One-two punch to monitor and prevent e-payments fraud
  • The top 5 payment controls your peers are adding right now
  • 6 warning signs to detect billing fraud
  • 4 red flags of workers' comp fraud
  • The most common way employees hide inventory theft – and 3 ways to defend against it

Tested Internal Controls and Backstops

  • 5 successful tactics to tighten internal controls
  • How to increase positive employee behavior by 47%
  • Open-door policy: Why frontline supervisors are your best defense against fraud
  • How one company uses e-mail alerts to catch fraud before it takes an expensive bite out of its bottom line
  • 42% of defrauded companies point to this as the cause
  • BONUS: Key online resources to help you fight fraud

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