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Payroll Best Practices: 4 Ways to Save Time and Money

There's lot more money coming out of Payroll than the paychecks they issue.

Everything from inefficient manual processes to ghost employees can drain your cash every day.

Regardless of the size of your company, taking the time to benchmark your current processes against Payroll best practices can help you uncover small opportunities for improvement that lead to big payoffs.

Get this report right now and learn 4 effective strategies to boost Payroll's effectiveness that cut costs and boost your company's bottom line.

What's Inside?
Payroll Best Practices: 4 Ways to Save Time and Money

Best Practices That Will Save Them Time and Money

  • State and federal compliance: What you need to know
  • How to make paperless paystubs work for your organization
  • Proven ways to prevent fraudulent employees on the payroll
  • Using time & attendance systems to eliminate costly errors
  • 10 audits every Payroll Department should run regularly

Streamline Payroll and Control Costs

  • Eliminate stolen checks and cashing fees using paycards
  • Payroll innovations that pay for themselves
  • Get buy-in for direct deposit: Internal marketing strategies that work
  • Help your employer get to a healthier balance sheet
  • Basic records employers must maintain for every employee

Money-Saving Strategies You Can Use Today

  • Lower your tax rate with voluntary UI contributions
  • Eliminate paper paychecks: How you and employees will save
  • Cash-in on employees' desire to "go green"
  • Save up to $3.15 per payment using direct deposit
  • What's the true cost of overpaying employees?

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