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The Biggest Cash Drains Lurking Outside of Finance

Part of the Cost Control Series

In a recent survey finance execs agree, the 6 biggest sources of unnecessary spending across their organizations were:

  1. Sales and Marketing
  2. Customer Service
  3. Administrative Services
  4. Facilities Management
  5. Supply Chain
  6. Inventory

Identifying these exposures is a start, but far from enough to stop wasteful spending and cash from quietly leaking out of your organization's bank account.

You need to identify where money is being lost, why and how much. Only then can finance implement policies and procedures to tune, tighten and stop inefficiencies and change spending habits.

How to do it?

The Solution: The Biggest Cash Drains Lurking Outside of Finance

What's Inside?
The Biggest Cash Drains Lurking Outside of Finance

Best and latest ways to spot and prevent cash drains

  • Guide to finding your greatest cash-compromising vulnerabilities
  • Top 6 areas cash drains may be hiding
  • Common incentives that quietly hurt the bottom line
  • Wasteful supply-chain spending that slips past most companies
  • Moving products fast without facing a loss

Keys to eliminating excess spending in other departments

  • 5 major areas where cash leaking can be tightened
  • Incentive programs that reinforce commitment to saving
  • Proactively managing suppliers to avoid dealing with damage control
  • 3 areas of inventory where the most cash slips through
  • Common ways employees are hiding theft

Effective ways to crack down on wasteful spending

  • 3 questions that will help you bulletproof your pricing decisions
  • Calculating the cost of saying "yes" to new products and services
  • 3 opportunities to start saving on shipping
  • Real-life examples of how other companies are saving successfully

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