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The Right Answers to the 33 Toughest - And Most Costly - FMLA Questions

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FMLA continues to confound, frustrate and stump even the most experienced professionals.

Add to that employees who try to abuse FMLA and you're left dealing with very serious and time-consuming issues in the middle of your already jam-packed schedule.

Here's help. This report gives you answers to the 33 toughest FMLA questions you'll ever face straight from lawyers at a labor & employment law conference.

In addition, it clears up the gray areas of the law and offers advice on how to handle tricky situations so you're prepared for any incident or request that comes your way.

What's Inside?
The Right Answers to the 33 Toughest - And Most Costly - FMLA Questions

Answers to the 33 Toughest FMLA Questions

  • Health conditions that do, and don't, qualify for FMLA
  • Medical certification forms: 5 things you can always insist on getting
  • Best practices for verifying FMLA is needed – without going too far
  • Handling intermittent leave so it's not a pain for you or employees
  • New poster and paperwork the DOL's enforcing now
  • What you can't ask employees to do with their FMLA

Stop Employees from Abusing the System

  • Special considerations you need to take with exempt employees
  • Surprising information that doesn't need to be included in requests
  • Moonlighting while on FMLA: Punishable or not?
  • GINA disclaimer you should include in every medical certification form
  • Ensuring compliance when both FMLA and ADA come into play
  • How long employees have to bring in – or fix – a doctor's note

Clear, Concise, Accurate Ways to Deal with Tricky Situations

  • Is it ever a good idea to hire a private investigator?
  • Conditions when same-sex partners are eligible for caregiver FMLA
  • How not to get tangled in the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
  • Parameters for when you are, and aren't responsible for temps' FMLA
  • The 8 specific reasons that qualify for military FMLA leave

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